Evaporative Fan Cones for Cooling Systems

Since 1966, H & H Manufacturing & Metal Spinning Inc. has provided metal spinning for a variety of customers in various industries. From short run custom spinning on single parts to high volume production runs, we possess the tooling, welding, and sheet metal fabrication capabilities to meet the requirements of virtually any complex project. We carry a variety of steel and wood tooling and can achieve extremely high production output using one of the world’s oldest metal forming techniques.

One of our customers in Southern California required us to conduct secondary operations on an evaporative fan cone used in one of their cooling system products. The part required dimensions of 10.80″ x 0.84″ tall with tolerances as tight as ±0.030″. 3003-H14 Aluminum with 0.050″ thickness was used for the project due to its lightweight and extremely robust characteristics. The customer requested side cuts and mounting holes so that the part could be ready to install upon delivery. We leveraged our specialized in-house metal spinning lathe, hole pattern jig, and square shear in order to fabricate the part to their exact specifications. Once our metal spinning process was complete, holes were punched, and side cuts were made so that it was immediately ready for installation. The fan cone was also finished with a chemical film process for added surface protection. It then underwent an extensive inspection and testing process for form, fit, and function before being sent to the customer for final approval.

They were extremely pleased with the results and continue to order between 25-100 evaporative fan cones per year. With our metal spinning experience, we can achieve a fully-worked and compacted grain structure that features the proper working thicknesses necessary for successful operation in their cooling system. To learn more about our work with metal spinning for evaporative fan cones, please contact us or refer to the table below.

Evaporative Fan Cone Specifications

Primary Capabilities Applied/Processes

Metal Spinning

Secondary Capabilities Applied/Processes

Chemical Film
Side Cut

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Hole Pattern Jig
Metal Spinning Lathe
Square Shear

Overall Part Height

10.80 x 0.84 in

Tightest Tolerances (±)

0.030 in

Material Used

3003-H14 Aluminum

Material Thickness

0.050 in

Material Finish

Chemical Film

Industry for Use

Evaporative Cooling

In Process Testing/Inspection Performed



25 to 100 Parts

Delivery Location

Southern California

Additional Facts

Production is Based on Customer Requirements