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Metal Spinning

H & H Manufacturing & Metal Spinning Inc. is a premier supplier of metal spinning services for lighting, lower components/Venturis, and other industrial applications. In metal spinning, which is among the world’s oldest art forms, a metal blank is pressed against a spinning steel or wooden mandrel locked securely in a lathe chuck until the blank assumes the finished shape of the mandrel. Using this manual process, H & H spins aircraft parts, hubcaps, pots and pans, and blower components from aluminum, steel alloys, brass, and copper. A circle shear sections raw materials, received in sheets, into round blanks, whose sizes are specific to each part. Punch presses then punch holes into the blanks prior to the spinning process. Their specialty production shop can work with diverse thicknesses: 0.125″ for aluminum, 12 gauge cold rolled steel, and 16 gauge stainless steel. Blank sizes can go to a maximum of 36″ to 84″ for finished shapes, all spun to tight tolerances of ±0.030″. In addition to metal spinning, H & H will also meet all your bench engineering, plating, polishing, powder coating, and even welding needs. Production volumes range from a single spinning up to a maximum of over 1,000 units. Prototypes, low volume, small runs, high volume, large runs, and long run production volumes are all available. Turnaround times are minimal due to the speed with which metal spinning tooling can be adjusted. PDFs as well as simple hand sketches can serve as guidelines for this veteran firm.

The ancient Chinese may have developed the spinning method of fabrication on their potters wheels, but H & H Manufacturing & Metal Spinning, Inc. has the skill and expertise to migrate the process from clay to metal. Contact them to learn more about this fascinating process and how it can be used to reduce your costs.

Metal Spinning Services Highlights



Stainless Steel
Various Alloys of Steel

Metal Spinning Product

Aircraft Parts
Components for Blower
Evaporative Fan Cones

Industrial Application
Pots and Pans

Fabrication Method


Additional Services Provided

Bench Engineering

Powder Coating

Minimum Production Volume

1 units

Maximum Production Volume

1000 Plus units

Production Volume

High Volume
Large Run
Large Scale Production Volume Run
Long Run

Low Volume
Small Run
Specialty Production Shop

Maximum Metal Thickness

0.125 in. – Aluminum
12 gauge CRS
16 gauge Stainless Steel

Maximum Part Diameter

36 in. for finish shapes
84 in. for blank size

Tolerance (±)

Generally 0.030 in

Additional Information

Industry Focus

Blower Components/Venturis
Industrial Applications
Lighting Industry

File Formats

Can work off hand sketches as well
PDF (Portable Document Format)