Copper Tiki Torch Heads

Metal Spun Copper Tiki Torch Head

Leveraging our expert knowledge of working with copper, H & H Manufacturing & Metal Spinning Inc. produced these beautiful tiki torch heads from high quality spun copper. Referred to us by one of our customers, we manufactured these torch heads for a company committed to using component parts “Made in the U.S.A.” to promote the resurgence of the American manufacturing industry and support the economy.

Characterized by its decorative appearance and resistance to heat, copper is a valuable metal, and by using a spin forming process, we achieved a high material yield so very little of this expensive commodity went to waste. With their years of experience, our spin masters use the forming characteristics of copper to their advantage to create the parts quickly and accurately. These copper torch heads spun from 0.040″ thick copper sheet, measured 7.5″ in diameter x 7.75″ in height and featured an attractive brushed finish.

Decorative as well as functional, these torches create a festive tropical atmosphere while adding warm lighting to many outdoor landscapes. Featuring seamless construction, they are resistant to tarnish and corrosion and crafted for longevity. They are on-trend and complement both commercial and residential outdoor settings.

For this company, sourcing components domestically from us here at H & H Manufacturing & Metal Spinning made them confident in the quality of the product. Metal spinning is one of the most economical manufacturing technologies and our prices are very reasonable, which made these tiki torch heads very affordable for them. Contact us today to learn how to put the quality and affordability of our metal spinning services to work for you.

Copper Tiki Torch Head Highlights

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Spin Lathe

Tightest Tolerances (±)

0.030 in

Industry for Use

Landscape Design

Volume Per Order

100 units

Delivery/Turnaround Time

10 to 15 Working Days

Standards Met

Customer Specifications

Overall Part Dimensions

Overall Part Diameter

7.5 in

Overall Part Height

7.75 in


Material Used


Material Thickness

0.040 in

Material Finish

Brushed Metal Finish