Seismic Housing & Sun Covers

At H & H Manufacturing & Metal Spinning Inc., we participated in a project that involved manufacturing a housing and sun cover to protect the seismic instruments that provide scientists, engineers, and emergency managers with valuable data that can help decrease the risk to inhabitants, property, and commerce when an earthquake strikes. Earthquakes pose a continuing threat throughout California, and there is an abundance of precision seismic instrumentation located on the ground and near buildings, power plants, bridges, railways, and other structures to actively monitor and record data when the ground shakes.

This particular application involved the production of an aluminum housing with dimensions of 30.0″ in diameter x 1.5″ in height and a protective sun cover measuring 33.0″ in diameter x 16.5″ in height. The customer approached us with this job because of our large diameter spinning capacity. Metal spinning enabled us to create a lightweight, sturdy, and high-strength solution for safeguarding valuable instruments from extreme environmental conditions. Another important aspect of this job is that we were able to pull from our inventory of standard tooling and offer the customer a considerable cost saving.

Our spin formed housing and sun cover feature single-piece construction, and they are both characterized by their quality craftsmanship. It takes the talents of an experienced metal spinning company to accomplish this level of quality in a spun metal part. In total, we produced five sets for the initial order and fulfilled the customer’s expectations regarding quality, pricing, and on-time delivery. We have a strong relationship with this company and work with them on many different projects. To learn more about this project or our metal spinning capabilities, contact us directly.

Seismic Housing & Sun Cover Highlights

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Spinning Lathe

Tightest Tolerances (±)

0.030 in

Industry for Use

Precision Instrumentation

Volume (Parts Per Order)


Delivery/Turnaround Time

10 to 15 Working Days

Standards Met

Customer Specifications

Overall Housing Part Dimensions

Overall Housing Part Diameter

30 in

Overall Housing Part Height

1.5 in

Overall Sun Cover Part Dimensions

Overall Sun Cover Part Diameter

33 in

Overall Sun Cover Part Height

16.5 in


Material Used


Material Thickness

0.090 in

Material Finish

Brushed Metal Finish